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Laser (17339) - Authorisation Details

Product Name: Laser
MAPP (Reg.) Number: 17339
Authorisation Holder: BASF plc
Marketing Company: BASF plc
Active Substance(s): 200.000 g / l cycloxydim
Formulation Type: Emulsifiable concentrate
Field of Use: Herbicide
Crops: brussels sprout, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, combining pea, dwarf french bean, field bean, fodder beet, forest, forest nursery, green cover on land not being used for crop production, leek, linseed, mangel, oilseed rape, ornamental plant production, parsnip, potato (early), potato (maincrop), salad onion, strawberry, sugar beet, swede, vining pea
Amateur / Professional: Professional
LERAP Category: n/a
Aquatic Use: No
Authorisation Level: Standard Approval   Product also has Extensions of Authorisation. (opens new window)
First Authorisation Date: 27/11/2015
Product Expiry Date (notes): 30/11/2025
Low Risk Product: No
Aerial Use: No
Parallel Import: No
Available Notices: The following Notices are available for this product:
20171379 (Authorisation) ,  20192028 (Amendment)
This Product has Expired Notices

Explanatory Notes

Notice Types

Withdrawal notices: Authorisations are withdrawn via the issue of a "withdrawal" notice which sets an expiry date for the authorisation. In most cases, the withdrawal notice allows for a grace period to allow use of stocks already in the supply chain. However, where there are safety concerns, the withdrawal may be immediate. The withdrawal notice refers back to the original authorisation, and the conditions of that authorisation. Prior to the legislation change on 14 June 2011, these were known as Revocation notices.

Authorisations may be withdrawn at any time for various regulatory or commercial reasons. For example, a withdrawal notice would be issued if authorisation conditions change; if the authorisation holder fails to meet a data submission deadline; following a review; or at the request of the authorisation holder. Each withdrawal has an explanation of the reason for the withdrawal.

Commercial Withdrawals: A commercial withdrawal is issued when an authorisation holder informs us that they no longer require the authorisation. This is usually for commercial reasons, such as when the product is no longer manufactured. The Withdrawal specifies the expiry date and any wind-down period. Prior to the legislation change on 14 June 2011, these were known as Withdrawal notices.

Amendments: We sometimes need to reflect the same change to a number of different authorisations (for example when the authorisation holder changes for a group of products). Rather than amend each individual authorisation, we can make changes to the conditions of authorisation via an amendment notice. This describes the nature of the change and lists all the products affected. You will note that the amendment notice refers back to the original authorisations, and all other conditions of those authorisations.

Corrections: A Correction Notice is issued when an error has been found in an authorisation. We issue a new notice to correct the mistake, and the earlier published version is replaced.

Authorisation: An Authorisation notice gives the conditions of the Authorisation for a product. Prior to the legislation change on 14 June 2011, these were known as Approval notices.

Expiry Dates

The expiry date shown is the final expiry date of the product.

However, we actually specify two expiry dates on our authorisations, reflecting the expiry dates that apply to:

  • sale and distribution by any persons
  • disposal, storage and use by any persons.

Please check individual authorisations for details of expiry.

Where the expiry date shown is 09/09/2099, an extension of authorisation under Article 43 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 has been applied. The authorisation will be withdrawn once a regulatory decision has been taken as explained in the last paragraphs of Guidance on UK Procedures for product renewal applications (Article 43 of Regulation 1107/2009): Extension of Existing Authorisations During Renewal Process.

Crop expiry dates may differ. Please refer to the most recently issued withdrawal notices for these products for details of the expiry dates of individual uses.

For certain authorisations granted under COPR, the final "back-stop" expiry date has been extended to 31 December 2020 for sale and distribution, and 31 December 2021 for disposal, storage and use. For these COPR Authorisations, whilst the search results screen shows the final expiry date as 2021, this may not be reflected in the last available notice which may show an earlier date. This is because the extension to the expiry date was issued as a blanket amendment, as explained in Regulatory Update 24 of 2010.

For COPR authorised products containing active substances that are all included in Annex I, the "back-stop" expiry date has been applied, but readers should note that the re-registration deadlines specified in the Inclusion Directive[s] continue to apply. A withdrawal notice for the COPR authorisation will be issued six months prior to the final re-registration deadline. For further guidance on our re-registration procedures please see The Applicant Guide

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