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Extension of Authorisation for minor use in the UK (formerly known as 'SOLAs')

As Extensions of Authorisations for minor use conditions will not be given on the product label provided by pesticide manufacturers it is essential that anyone who needs to use a pesticide product in accordance with an Extension of Authorisation must read the text of the Extension of Authorisation before commencing any spraying operation.

Please see notes relating to details of Pests displayed on the website

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(initial "19" not required for pre-2000 Authorisation Numbers)
(Important Notes)

Note: Expiry date searches may return expired authorisations which can no longer be used.

Search Help

All Extensions of Authorisation for minor use carry date of expiry details. However, Extensions of Authorisation remain in force only whilst the product from which they are derived continues to be authorised.

  • Two types of search are available on this site.
    1. By specifying Extension of Authorisation features. e.g. Crops, Marketing Company. These search criteria should be entered in the fields, or chosen from the drop-down lists, at the top of the form. This search is not case sensitive.
    2. By date the Extension of Authorisation expires. The appropriate dates should be entered in the bottom section of the form. This search gives details of extensions of authorisations expiring in the specified period, along with details of the replacement authorisation, if applicable.
  • All date based search criteria are inclusive. All text search criteria are case insensitive.
  • All text search criteria are automatically wildcard searched. Therefore, to search for all variations of a search term enter the common part. e.g. entering "cleancrop" in the product field will return the products Cleancrop Curve, Cleancrop Fenpro and Cleancrop Fenpropimorph.
  • When searching for crops, if you want to retrieve all varieties of a particular crop (e.g. onions), you will need to enter a "%" at the beginning of the search term. Note that this will result in slower searches.
    1. Entering "onion" will return "Onion" and "Onion (drilled and transplanted and onion sets)".
    2. Entering "salad onion" will only return "Salad Onion", while "spring onion" will only return "Spring Onion"
    3. Entering "%onion" will bring back all of the above variations of "Onion".
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Pest Details

Please note that some information in the Pest(s)/Disease(s) column of the enquiry results page is inaccurate, as additional incorrect pests/diseases may appear. You must not rely on the information in this column, and must check the actual Notice prior to deciding on the appropriate Extension of Use Authorisation to apply. The Authorisation contains the correct target pest/disease details in the advisory information section. CRD is taking steps to rectify this problem as quickly as possible.

Where an Extension of Use is based on a previous Long Term Arrangements for Extension of Use (LTAEU), no target pest/disease is displayed and you must refer to the product label for details of control claims for the product when used as specified in the Notice.

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