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List of Source Products Currently Approved Under Parallel Import Arrangements For Plant Protection Products

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Source Product Name Source Product Registration Number Source Country Date verified by CRD
Clomate 4955-0 Czech Republic 23/02/2028
Efilor 007024-00 Germany 30/04/2022
Firebird PCS04221 Ireland 02/10/2022
Floramite 240 SC 12421 The Netherlands 10/10/2022
Paraat PCS03614 Ireland 22/09/2022
Sparviero PCS 04469 Ireland 10/07/2023
Explanatory Notes

This list contains all the Source Products which have been verified in the last 24 months. The list only contains Source Products where the UK product has been Authorised since 1 October 2015. Please see the Source Product List, available in the Parallel Trade section of the Applicant Guide, on the CRD Website, for Products verified prior to 1 October 2015.

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